The Reluctant Prospector: Overcoming Call Reluctance in the Age of Social Networking

A Reluctant Prospector is someone who owns a small business and loves what he (or she) does… but hates the idea of self-promotion.  He’d be happy as a clam if he could just DO what he DOES all day long and not have to worry about where his next client or customer is coming from.  He realizes that there is a certain amount of marketing he’ll have to do, but he sees it as a necessary evil, not something he enjoys.  He’s NOT a salesperson in search of a product or service to sell – he has a product or service and wishes it would sell itself.

Sound familiar?

When sales guru Jennifer Allan, author of critically acclaimed books including “Sell With Soul” and “If You’re Not Having Fun Selling Real Estate, You’re Not Doing it Right” was a guest on the PI Window on Business Show this past December, it was clear from the start where the Soul of her book and beliefs originated.

In fact, and in a world in which personal branding is the key element of building one’s profile and establishing an enduring presence, Jennifer’s belief that success is not found in aggressive marketing techniques or hard-core sales pitches, but rather in being competent in one’s craft” was refreshingly energizing.  A quiet competency I would write, that establishes confidence in those with whom she seeks to connect and serve.

Needless to say, when Jennifer agreed to making regular appearances as a guest on the PI Window on Business through a series of conversational lectures, I was delighted to bring this knowledge to you our listeners.

In this first in what will be a regularly scheduled segment, Jennifer will tackle what is the most challenging and prevalent task facing the sales professional . . . finding and connecting with prospective clients.  This 45 minute segment will feature a 20 minute lecture by Jennifer, followed by an open Q&A session in which you the audience, can ask questions or share experiences.

Jennifer Allan

Remember to use the On-Demand Player below to access the live broadcast on February 18th at 12:30 PM EST.

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