“Genetic Deletion” Reason for Morbid Obesity: Are reports such as these a needed breakthrough in effective treatment, or is it yet another example of providing an opportunity to deflect responsibility for poor eating and exercise habits?

MONTREAL – Researchers have discovered that a small proportion of morbidly obese people are missing a chunk of their DNA, and that genetic deletion may be dramatically affecting their weight. from Canadian Press article “Some morbidly obese missing genes that could affect weight: study” (February 3rd, 2010) When study results such as the one referenced … Continue reading

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Medical journal Lancet fully retracts 1998 study linking MMR vaccine to autism

On the opposite side of the debate, is a September 2008 post from the lbrb autism news science and opinion blog which references author Arthur Allen’s recounting of a tragic story in which the failure to immunize resulted in permanent lung damage for a new born who contracted whooping cough during the last trimester of … Continue reading

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