Seven Steps to Success in Government Contracting (Part 3)

Welcome to this the third of our special seven part series, in which I am joined by Judy Bradt who is an expert author, speaker and consultant who will provide invaluable insight into on how companies can capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the US public sector. As the Principal of Summit Insight in Washington … Continue reading

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Pew Survey indicates that blogging has lost its lustre, but do you agree?

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a fellow host on the Blog Talk Radio Network in which the link to a February 21st article in the Music Industry News Network titled “Social Media and Young Adults” was included. The article made reference to “Two Pew Internet Project surveys,” that revealed a noticeable “decline … Continue reading

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Is Toyota being judged by a competitor instead of the US Government?

Today’s Business Thought Leaders segment with author and industry expert Bill Michels was incredible.  Of the several noteworthy observations Michels provided, his revelation that the current Congressional hearings regarding the Toyota recall has the Japanese manufacturer actually giving testimony before a competitor raises a number of red flags. The moment that the U.S. Government became … Continue reading

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Build Buzz and Community with Blog Talk Radio

Build Buzz and Community with Blog Talk Radio Posted using ShareThis

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500th Procurement Insights Post – Toyota’s Latest Trouble . . . GM all over again, except from within North America

This Wednesday in the first of what will be a quarterly appearance on the PI Window’s “Business Thought Leaders Series,” expert author Bill Michels will talk about the recent Toyota recall including the role that the auto manufacturer’s supply chain has and will play in this unfolding story and, the launch of ADR Academy’s new … Continue reading

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Thought Leaders Segment: Introducing Bill Michels

As a past guest on the PI Window on Business Show Bill Michels discussed the collapse of the GM domestic supply chain on the August 11th segment “Intersecting Ideals: Why GM’s Supply Chain is in a State of Ruin,” and the implications of government policy as a member of an international guest panel for the … Continue reading

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Thought Leaders Segment: Introducing Brad Feld

As a past guest on the PI Window on Business Show High Tech Venture Capitalist and premier blogger Brad Feld (Feld Thoughts) discussed the need for Founders Visas in the top rated segment “Diminishing Prospects: How U.S. Policy is Undermining Entrepreneurial Vision.” Brad also joined us in December 2009 to examine the barriers to foreign … Continue reading

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Publish or (Brand) Perishment: Establishing Your Personal Brand as an Expert

Do you keep thinking or talking about writing a book? Thoughts alone won’t make it happen! If you want to see your book in print, you need to make it a priority, make a plan, and obtain some skillful guidance to help you write the best possible book! Mindy Gibbins-Klein is The Book Midwife™, international … Continue reading

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Branding Tales: Ariba’s Spendguy is more Spentguise and The Great ISM Toaster Giveaway!

I began a recent post on the Procurement Insights Blog with the statement that “the correlation between dynamic vision and technological ingenuity with brand development and acceptance in the emerging world of social media has yet to be really established.” Or citing my December 30th interview with The Marketing Doctor, Dr. John Tantillo, and his … Continue reading

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Undercover Images: The Ultimate Front Line Executive Experience

CBS premiered its new reality series UNDERCOVER BOSS following CBS Sports’ coverage of SUPER BOWL XLIV, on Sunday, Feb 7th. UNDERCOVER BOSS, which follows high level chief executives as they slip anonymously into the rank and file of their companies, moves to its regular time period on Sunday, Feb. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). The premiere … Continue reading

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