What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already!

My second book titled “What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already! (The Unsociable Business of Social Networks And Why The So Act Social Network Will Change the World)” was officially released in eBook version today. The paperback edition, which will also be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in March, will be released in February.

When I was originally approached to write about So Act, I found that it presented an interesting paradox in that the very nature of socially conscientious organizations often seem to run contradictory to what turned out to be a sound capitalistic base. In short, So Act has achieved an important harmony between its highly principled purpose and the necessary financial focus to ensure productive longevity.

I hope that you enjoy reading the book, as much as I enjoyed both researching and writing it.

In the meantime here is the official introductory overview, as well as the cover which provides you with a link to purchase the book on-line. Please note that 10% of all proceeds from the sale of “What Are You Waiting For? So Act Already!” will go to the Haitian Relief Fund through So Act.

Book Summary:

“So Act wasn’t created to build a better network. It was created to build a better world.”

The above observation regarding the So Act network was of course mine, and it was incorporated into the October 27th, 2009 press release, in which the company made the announcement that I would be writing this book.

So Act is truly “The 60 minutes of Social Networks” where you engage, mobilize and empower people into action.” Whatever the mission, cause, product, service, program, cure, or solution, So Act can help you expand your sphere of influence and crystallize forward thinking into positive action on a larger scale while harmoniously merging economic and socially conscious goals.

At the end of this text I will hopefully have provided you with a balanced view of what may very well become the model against which all other social networks and revenue models will be measured.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Haitian Relief Fund through So Act


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