Survival of the Fittest and Other Stories on Surviving and Thriving in the New Business Paradigm

Even though we live in a rapidly changing world of social media and personal branding, the core principles of surviving and thriving in the world of business remains somewhat consistent . . . or does it?

Like the analogy of the general fighting the last battle, are you meeting today’s challenges based solely on yesterday’s understanding and experience?

Joining guest host and acclaimed author of the bestselling “No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking & Behavior” Neil Ducoff on January 29th to discuss the generational impact on business survival skills are Jack Stack, whose October 1994 book “The Great Game of Business” was named one of the top 100 business books of all time and, the author of “Secret Service” and “What’s the Secret…to providing a world-class customer experience” John DiJulius.

This 60 minute segment will delve deeply into the key areas upon which today’s business professional must focus to ensure both short-term survival and long-term success regardless of external factors such as the present day economic downturn.

Jack Stack & The Great Game of Business

About Jack:

Jack Stack is the founder and CEO of SRC Holdings, a company comprising more than 35 separate companies. SRC’s companies do everything from consulting to packaging to building high-performance engines. Stack went to SRC in 1979 as the Plant Manager of International Harvester after eleven years of direct management experience. In 1983, Stack and the SRC employees bought the company from IH.

Stack is a national and world judge for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Institute and has served as an advisor for the group since 1998. INC. Magazine has called him the “smartest strategist in America” and named him one of twenty-five entrepreneurs selected to represent the 25 years INC. has been published. Inc. Magazine dubbed him “The Father of Open-Book Management“, a business practice of sharing financial and decision-making duties among all employees. Stack was also listed among the “top 10 minds in small business” in Fortune Small Business Magazine.

He has written two books, “The Great Game of Business” and “A Stake in the Outcome” and presents lectures on the subject. The Great Game of Business, was selected one of the thirty best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

Jack’s Book:

Top 100 Business Book of All Time

In the early 1980s, Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC) in Springfield, Missouri, was a  near bankrupt division of International Harvester.  That’s when a green young manager, Jack Stack,  took over and turned it around. He didn’t know how to  “manage” a company, but he did know about the  principal, of athletic competition and democracy:  keeping score, having fun, playing fair, providing  choice, and having a voice. With these principals  he created his own style of management —  open-book management. The key is to let everyone in on  financial decisions. At SRC, everyone learns how to  read a P&L — even those without a high school  education know how much the toilet paper they use  cuts into profits. SRC people have a piece of the  action and a vote in company matters. Imagine  having a vote on your bonus and on what businesses the  company should be in. SRC restored the dignity of  economic freedom to its people. Stack’s  “open-book management” is the key — a system  which, as he describes it here, is literally  a game, and one so simple anyone can use  it. As part of the Currency paperback line, the  book includes a “User’s Guide” — an  introduction and discussion guide created for the  paperback by the author — to help readers make  practical use of the book’s ideas. Jack Stack is the  president and CEO of the Springfield Remanufacturing  Corporation, in Springfield, Missouri. The recipient  of the 1993 Business Enterprise Trust Award, Jack  speaks throughout the country on The  Great Game Of Business and Open  Book Management.

John DiJulius' Secret Service

About John:

Looking for a sales trainer? Don’t call John! Want a leadership workshop? John is not your man. Want to create a world class customer service company? Stop searching, but you better be serious, because with John you are getting the absolute best – GUARANTEED!

Known as “THE” Authority on World-Class Customer Experience, John is redefining customer service in corporate America today. He didn’t read the books on customer service, he wrote them, Secret Service: Hidden Systems that Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service (AMACOM BOOKS 2003) and What’s The Secret? To Providing a World-Class Customer Experience (Wiley & Sons 2008).

John has cracked the code! He answered the question: What’s the Secret? After years of researching the best customer service companies in the world, he has solved the mystery of why companies like Disney can get 50,000 employees to deliver legendary customer service on a regular basis and why some companies or departments can’t get a team of 12 to be consistent.

John’s Book:

Business has never been tougher than it is today. Are you competing on price or service? The only companies surviving with long-term sustainability are the ones fanatical about differentiating themselves through the customer experience they deliver.

The companies that focus on delivering a world-class customer experience not only have higher sales growth, a stronger bottom line, and lower employee turnover, they also have a distinct competitive advantage in their marketplace. What’s the Secret? presents an in-depth, inside look at the world-class customer service strategies employed by the world’s most customer-friendly companies.

Top customer service consultant John DiJulius has spent his entire career cracking the code to learn how organizations can deliver world-class service. Now he reveals the proven strategies and principles of world-class service companies like Disney, Nordstrom, and The Ritz-Carlton. While even small companies often struggle to deliver adequate customer service on a regular basis, these companies manage to align tens of thousands of employees to deliver consistent top-class care and service to every customer.

No matter how small or large your business—even if you only manage yourself or a small department—the best practices you’ll find in What’s the Secret? will change the way you serve customers and lead to long-term excellence. You’ll find the proven steps, best practices, and service standards that you need to build a customer service machine that delivers day-in and day-out. You’ll learn how to attract and retain a high-quality customer service workforce, measure customer satisfaction, and create a culture that routinely finds ways to go above and beyond for your customer.

No matter what you do, customer service excellence is the indisputable key to long-term business success and the only way to make price less relevant to your customers. Provide a world-class customer experience and dominate your market.

About Neil Ducoff (Guest Host):

Neil Ducoff, No Compromise Leadership

Previous Show Appearance Info:

Neil Ducoff was a guest on our December 4th, 2009 show “The Lords of Discipline: A Journey of Self Discovery and Shared Experiences.”

Personal Bio:

Neil Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coaching company located in Centerbrook, CT, and the author of the best seller No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking & Behavior, the definitive book on get-it-done leadership and creating no-compromise business cultures.

The foremost authority no-compromise leadership, Ducoff has spurred thousands of business executives to achieve the highest levels of success and profitability, while creating positive workplace environments and supporting their communities. Through resetting your no-compromise leadership thinking and behavior, Ducoff issues the wake-up call and charts the path for cultural transformation and the standard for success in a changing world.

In addition to dedicating almost 40 years to coaching leaders at great companies, like Gillette, Aveda and Matrix, Ducoff is a dynamic and sought after speaker. He has led more than 4,500 seminars throughout North America and such countries as Taiwan, Spain and Mexico – as well as served as a presenter at major healthcare, computer, manufacturing and franchise conferences, and as a featured speaker at Jack Stack’s “National Gathering of Games” conference over the past five years. He was honored as a “business icon” at the Serious Business conference in 2006 and was recipient of the 2005 Art of Business Award.

Latest Book:

No-compromise leadership is all about the thinking, behavior and accountability that support all leadership results and business outcomes.

With no-compromise as the mandate, even the best and most respected of companies reveal the need for improvement. Business size doesn’t matter. When compromise seeps in, the more drag it places on growth momentum and energy. Allow it to go unchecked, even for a nanosecond, and the most achievable goals instantly turn into pipe dreams … yet another collection of missed opportunities. No-compromise means no missed opportunities. No-compromise leadership is a commitment to a higher standard that guides and nurtures a business culture capable of extraordinary achievement. No-compromise defines the type of leader you are. It defines the DNA of the business you lead.

This book was written to give business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs a no-compromise operating system allowing dynamic companies to emerge. A business is a life form and it must be cared for and respected in order for it to grow, prosper and endure. That is the true role of the no-compromise leader.

Remember to use the following link to access the live January 29th, 2010 broadcast of “Survival of the Fittest and Other Stories on Surviving and Thriving in the New Business Paradigm” at 12:30 PM EST on the PI Window on Business Show on Blog Talk Radio.


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