Accessibility to Intelligence and the Power to Act (Technological Profile)

What is compelling about emerging BI solutions, is in the ability of the tools to proactively influence decision-making through an intuitive “dashboard” technology that creates what I call a perpetual cycle of data verification. In essence, these intuitive dashboard solutions are in reality the control panel for the emergence of the social networking world of … Continue reading

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Your Kids Are Your Own Fault!

“They say it’s impossible to stop now, Evelyn Torres, 48, of the Bronx, said of her son’s use of antipsychotics since he received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder at age 3.  Seven years later, the boy is now also afflicted with weight and heart problems. But Ms.  Torres credits Medicaid for making the boy’s mental … Continue reading

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Blog Talk Radio’s Host Tip of the Week Interesting . . . But There is More!

Of the many things I like about Blog Talk Radio is the community itself.  The ability to connect with other hosts and listeners provides an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences in  a truly collaborative environment. In fact, in my book “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds,” I emphasize this point … Continue reading

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