Brands to Remember, Brands to Forget and the Brands to Watch in 2010

Personal branding, self-branding, self-positioning and all individual branding by whatever name, was first introduced in the 1980 book: “Positioning: The Battle for your Mind”, by Al Ries and Jack Trout (Ries & Trout 1981). (Note: Source: Wikipedia)

In what will be the 30th Anniversary of what has now become part of the mainstream lexicon, one’s personal brand is as unique and as distinctive as one’s signature or perhaps even fingerprints.

While the majority of brands may be limited to our sphere of celebrity, there are those whose brand reach and perhaps influence extends globally.

From the world of professional sports, to entertainment to business and to politics, who are the ones that have, for better or for worse, left the imprint of their brand on the world?

Joining me on December 30th for a Special year-end segment of the PI Window on Business is none other than the “Branding Doctor” himself, Dr. John Tantillo with whom we will review the “Winners” and the “Losers” of 2009, as well as shine the light on those to watch in 2010.

Use the following link to tune in to the December 30th segment “Brands to Remember, Brands to Forget, and the Brands to Watch in 2010” at 12: 30 PM EST.

Dr. John Tantillo

Dr. John Tantillo

About Dr. John:

An award winning marketing professional, lecturer and teacher, Dr. John Tantillo is a trained applied research psychologist who is internationally known for his expertise at diagnosing the factors that impact target markets.

The Marketing Dr. wants to share his knowledge with individuals and businesses so they will benefit from his modern marketing principles.

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Dr. John discusses the “Tantillo” brand


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