Stupid Cancer Show’s Blatant Holiday Ask4Cash Give-Splosion

The time has come. You know the drill. End-of-year giving is as American as former Vice Presidential candidates releasing books named after Nissan vehicles. The Earth is still somehow bankrupt and we’re pretty realistic about that. We’re pretty sure that’s not helping this blatantly obvious appeal for cash. Everyone’s broke. Except for those top 1% folks. (Brother can you spare a billion dollars or so? Please?)

Then again, what a year it’s been advocating on behalf of 5M Americans. We hit 43 US chapters, over 100,000 members, 30,000 listeners for The Stupid Cancer Show. The Barenaked Ladies headlined at the 2nd Annual OMG Cancer Summit, The 3rd Annual Stupid Cancer UnGala raised $20,000 and our partnership with StandUp2Cancer made headlines. Plus our inaugural leadership retreat was game changing! And let’s not forget about those wristbands – over 20,000 sold!

The “Stupid Cancer Movement” is still giving cancer the bird and kicking it’s ass, changing lives and keeping our voices heard loud and clear on the national stage. In truth, we are making a huge dent, empowering thousands and ensuring that the next 30 years will be nothing like the past 30 – where the young adult voice was not heard and made no difference.

It’s our time. It’s about time. So, if you can, please give. Thank you.

Stupid Cancer Show Matthew Zachary


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