Stupid Cancer Show’s Blatant Holiday Ask4Cash Give-Splosion

The time has come. You know the drill. End-of-year giving is as American as former Vice Presidential candidates releasing books named after Nissan vehicles. The Earth is still somehow bankrupt and we’re pretty realistic about that. We’re pretty sure that’s not helping this blatantly obvious appeal for cash. Everyone’s broke. Except for those top 1% … Continue reading

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Seven Steps to Success: Jump Start Government Contract Series

  Series Description: It would be difficult for me to actually provide a number relative to how many times I have referenced the problems associated with what I refer to as an eroding supply based. Over the past few years, and more recently within the pages of this blog or on the virtual airwaves of … Continue reading

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Listen to the PI Window on Business from the Host’s Seat!

You know the old saying that you can’t tell the players without a program at a sporting event.  For those of you who are interested in following the PI Window on Business Show from the host’s seat, we are happy to provide an advanced copy of the questions that I will be asking my guest(s) … Continue reading

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