The Pig and Whistle: Setting the Stage for Canadian Talent

Beginning on CTV in 1967 and running for 10 years, The Pig & Whistle was Canadian commercial television’s first homegrown hit. Along with programs like Don Messer’s Jubilee, Juliette and Stars on Ice, it was popular, family friendly variety, a genre that dominated the early days of Canadian entertainment television. Filmed on a set built … Continue reading

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What is the line between social media branding and brand or copyright infringement?

When bestselling author Roz Usheroff contacted me regarding the unauthorized use of her name as a reference in which there were no corresponding links to her site or work, she asked if “people can just use your name to get others to their site?” In my response, I indicated that besides name dropping, people have … Continue reading

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The CATA Press Release RE Their 116 Campaign: A Just Cause Lost in a Sea of Self-Serving Rhetoric

Canada’s venture capital industry is in trouble. That industry is seriously underfunded, while Canada’s emerging technology and life sciences companies are so capital-starved they risk being uncompetitive in the North American market. At the same time, much needed and sought after US capital that could richly fund that industry and those companies is being blocked … Continue reading

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