Exciting New Vistas Await the PI Window on Business Show in 2010

With the New Year now just a few short hours away, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about a number of the exciting additions to the PI Window on Business Show for 2010. To begin, we will be expanding our guest hosting format to include some of the most amazing thought leaders … Continue reading

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Brands to Remember, Brands to Forget and the Brands to Watch in 2010

Personal branding, self-branding, self-positioning and all individual branding by whatever name, was first introduced in the 1980 book: “Positioning: The Battle for your Mind”, by Al Ries and Jack Trout (Ries & Trout 1981). (Note: Source: Wikipedia) In what will be the 30th Anniversary of what has now become part of the mainstream lexicon, one’s … Continue reading

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Is the framework for an Avro Arrow type demise of the Natural Health Products industry in Canada being laid by Bill C-6?

As part of the series on Natural Health Care products and the Bill C-6 controversy, today’s post delves a little deeper into the key elements of the growing debate. Referencing the letter from Minister Leona Aglukkaq to the Senators it would appear that she is against the amendments associated with Bill C-6 as said changes … Continue reading

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Lengthy debate on the differences between traditional and citizen journalism engaging, thought-provoking and even contentious

The following is a lengthy and perhaps even controversial discussion regarding a question that I had posted in the Celebritize Yourself! Group on the LinkedIn social network. Rather than distract you with a preamble, I will let the exchange itself do the talking and of course would invite your comments. On Life support, is local … Continue reading

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A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT – Bill C-6 – Lawyer Shawn Buckley Interview

“I also find it interesting that the drug companies themselves are remaining silent in what could very likely be a misuse and perhaps even abuse of their products.  Especially since a January 17th, 2008 Fox News article titled “FDA: Over-The Counter Cold Medicine Too Risky For Yong Children” reported that “Drug companies last October quit … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and All The Very Best for the New Year

Thank you to all of our readers, listeners and sponsors for making 2009 a great year. We at the PI Social Media Network look forward to continuing to bring you quality programming in 2010!

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Local Television: A Question of Relevance in a Changing World

TV in trouble2

Like the once great pitcher whose fastball has lost some of its speed, or the boxer whose timing is a second or two slower than it once was, local television is also out of step with a world that is now dominated by citizen journalism and fast-paced individually driven social media venues. I am of … Continue reading

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The Pig & Whistle: Music Beyond Canadian Borders

As you know, the PI Window on Business will periodically take a detour to both the evening and the world of music by showcasing up and coming or undiscovered musical talent. In our inaugural show we feature local Canadian talent John Wright, whose Songs of Life CD is a unique sound that can best be … Continue reading

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Dream Team Participation Provides a Great Opportunity to See the Future of Journalism

When I was asked to become part of the “Dream Team” of judges for the Community Marketing Blog’s Blog Off II competition, I must admit that while excited at the prospect of reviewing the musings of the up-and-coming generation of international, social media wordsmiths, I certainly did not know what to expect. After all, with … Continue reading

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A Diamond in the Rough: Looking Outward for Self-Actualization

Every day we wake up with a choice: Do we let our natural self-centeredness take over and lead us towards doubts and fears or do we choose to focus on love, wisdom, and courage, which leads to extraordinary experiences and self-actualization? Human nature is to be pre-occupied with ourselves, which brings the restricted views of … Continue reading

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