The Lords of Discipline: A Journey of Self Discovery and Shared Experiences (Guest Profile, Neil Ducoff)

As reported in my November 20th post, Jim Bouchard will be appearing for the first time as a Guest Host on the December 4th PI Window on Business Show.  Joining Jim to offer their unique perspectives on life and the discipline it takes to succeed are three equally inspirational individuals whose understanding and candor will both enrich and empower you.

Today’s guest profile is on Neil Ducoff from the No Compromise Leadership Academy in Centerbrook, CT.

Guest Profile, Neil Ducoff:

Neil Ducoff, No Compromise Leadership

“Businesses are not destroyed by competitors, the economy or a changing marketplace; they’re destroyed by compromise,” declares leadership guru Neil Ducoff. That’s why “No Compromise” has become the powerful mantra of his hard-hitting keynotes, seminars and coaching programs.

The foremost authority no-compromise leadership, Ducoff has spurred thousands of business executives to achieve the highest levels of success and profitability, while creating positive workplace environments and supporting their communities. Through resetting your no-compromise leadership thinking and behavior, Ducoff issues the wake-up call and charts the path for cultural transformation and the standard for success in a changing world.

In addition to dedicating almost 40 years to coaching leaders at great companies, like Gillette, Aveda and Matrix, Ducoff is a dynamic and sought after speaker. He has led more than 4,500 seminars throughout North America and such countries as Taiwan, Spain and Mexico – as well as served as a presenter at major healthcare, computer, manufacturing and franchise conferences, and as a featured speaker at Jack Stack’s “National Gathering of Games” conference over the past five years. He was honored as a “business icon” at the Serious Business conference in 2006 and was recipient of the 2005 Art of Business Award.

Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a business training and coaching company located in Centerbrook, CT, and the author of the best seller No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking & Behavior, the definitive book on get-it-done leadership and creating no-compromise business cultures.

To learn more about Ducoff, his keynote presentations and opportunities to connect with him, visit and email him at

Media Bites:

“No Compromise Leadership”

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Latest Book:

No-compromise leadership is all about the thinking, behavior and accountability that support all leadership results and business outcomes.

With no-compromise as the mandate, even the best and most respected of companies reveal the need for improvement. Business size doesn’t matter. When compromise seeps in, the more drag it places on growth momentum and energy. Allow it to go unchecked, even for a nanosecond, and the most achievable goals instantly turn into pipe dreams … yet another collection of missed opportunities. No-compromise means no missed opportunities. No-compromise leadership is a commitment to a higher standard that guides and nurtures a business culture capable of extraordinary achievement. No-compromise defines the type of leader you are. It defines the DNA of the business you lead.

This book was written to give business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs a no-compromise operating system allowing dynamic companies to emerge. A business is a life form and it must be cared for and respected in order for it to grow, prosper and endure. That is the true role of the no-compromise leader.

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