The Lords of Discipline: A Journey of Self Discovery and Shared Experiences (Guest Profile, Mark Altman)

Appearing for the first time as a Guest Host on the December 4th PI Window on Business Show is Jim Bouchard, whose “Think Like a Black Belt” mindset and 20 year quest for what he refers to as “the keys to personal and professional success,” has made him a much sought after speaker and successful author.

Joining Jim to offer their unique perspectives on life and the discipline it takes to succeed are three equally inspirational individuals whose understanding and candor will both enrich and empower you.

Today’s guest profile is on Mark Altman from the Altman Leadership Center in Austin, Texas

Guest Profile, Mark Altman M.I.S.:

Mark Altman, M.I.S. Altman Leadership Center

Mark has authored a number of articles on teaching values and leadership to children through high outdoor adventures. In 2001 Mark tested his theories when he took his wife and four children, on a two thousand mile trip from the Oregon coast to the nation’s capitol riding specialized tricycles. The trek received international media attention. 

Mark Altman educates his audience on how to dream without limits, and how to  reach beyond their wants, fears and expectations. He is engaging. He is entertaining, and his passion and energy is contagious, but his message doesn’t fade when the session has ended. Mark has the unique ability to challenge the hearts and the minds of his audiences, and to leave them with enduring lessons in leadership, and the skills and the will to implement them.

Media Bites:

“Leadership For All The Mountains You Climb”

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Latest Book:

Leadership for all the Mountains You Climb is designed for all who wish to practice and exhibit real leadership in all aspects of their lives- family, school, career, volunteer and civic organizations. The philosophy is based upon the principles of Servant Leadership defined by Robert Greenleaf and Principle Centered Leadership by Dr. Steven Covey. I cover all relevant leadership theories and attempt to align the many theories and styles of leadership into a coherent whole.

I advance the argument that leadership, real leadership, not management or power wielding, consists of four aspects: philial love for those you propose to lead, a compelling vision, a source of power, and the management skills to keep the organization in a good position to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities. The path I layout is a difficult but rewarding one and makes no false promises. If you are to become a leader, it will require hard work and study on your part; however the book lays out a map of how to get there and the resources to make it happen.

The book is scholarly in nature in that I have provided all my sources, however it is intended to be readable and accessible to teenagers and adults. I have also included help for adults hoping to mentor and teach the next generation of leaders.

Leadership for all the Mountains You Climb, is a very serviceable book for a high school or undergraduate survey course on leadership or a very good primer for anyone looking to explore true, lasting, uplifting leadership.


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