Redefining the RFP Process: SRS’ RFPBlaster Heralds a New Breakthrough in SaaS Purchasing

On my November 5th post titled “Exemption from the Competitive Process: Calculating the Costs of Convenience” I shared with you the press release from SRS Inc. regarding the launch of their new RFPBlaster solution.

According to SRS, the RFPBlaster “offers high quality, ready-to-use Request for Proposals (RFPs) for IT managers and procurement specialists.” The release goes on to say that “RFPBlaster enables faster time to market at a lower cost and with less risk,” meaning that organizations can “readily tap into and benefit from decades of procurement expertise with one simple and cost effective suite of tools.”

Even though SRS is a sponsor of this blog, I indicated that one of the reasons why I have been “enthusiastic about their solution has little to do with their technology – although it is impressive.” What is exciting is the fact that clients can leverage the organizations “procurement expertise.” In essence, what SRS delivers through RFPBlaster is the intelligence that through technological innovation can be “streamlined to enhance the reliable engagement of the appropriate versus convenient number of suppliers required to deliver maximum value.”

In the process, SRS’ visionary leader Andy Akrouche indicates that the “RFPBlaster levels the playing field for medium sized organizations by providing quick, easy and cost-effective access to high quality RFPs. This allows RFPBlaster clients to engage in a dramatically improved competitive procurement process, reducing risk and resulting in better acquisition outcomes,” concluded Akrouche.

On November 19th I will be welcoming to the PI Window on Business Andy Akrouche to discuss both the consequences of limited RFP competition and how it led to the creation of the RFPBlaster.

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Remember to use the following On-Demand Player to access the “Live” November 19th broadcast “Redefining the RFP Process” on the PI Window on Business Show:

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