The Lords of Discipline: A Journey of Self Discovery and Shared Experiences

Will is an outsider and finds life as a first-year cadet in training at the Institute to be physically and emotionally brutal. But he finds solace in three boys who become his great friends: Tradd St. Croix, an “old Charlestonian” (from a very rich and respected family); Dante “Pig” Pignetti; and Mark Santoro, two brawny, Northern boys of Italian descent.

But McLean’s journey to manhood is full of twists and turns, as he meets a girl whose life he can never be a part of and hears rumors of The Ten, a mysterious Institute secret society that ensures certain cadets, deemed unacceptable to “wear the ring” (that is, to be a graduate of the Institute, who wear an exquisite ring denoting their alma mater), are run out by any means necessary.

The above excerpt describing Pat Conroy’s 1980 novel “The Lords of Discipline” provides the provoctive backdrop for today’s show.

Appearing for the first time as a Guest Host on the PI Window on Business is Jim Bouchard, whose “Think Like a Black Belt” mindset and 20 year quest for what he refers to as “the keys to personal and professional success,” parallels McLean’s journey through the trials that lead to a greater understanding of both himself and life.

Like Mclean’s three friends, Jim is joined by three equally inspirational individuals whose own unique perspectives on life and the discipline it takes to succeed are powerful in their understanding and candor.

Consisting of three separate 15 minute vignette interviews, the show concludes with Troy Evans.

Evans, a one time drug addict and bank robber who is now a major success in consulting and speaking, will share his story in what collectively promises to be one of the most memorable 60 minutes in the show’s history.

Perhaps from this shared experience, and like the book itself, we too will discover that while “things might turn out in the end” it is through our displine for ourselves, and serving the better angels of our nature that a true redemption and realization of all we can be is ultimately achieved.

Jim Bouchard Sensei

Sensei Jim Bouchard

About Jim Bouchard (Guest Host):

Previous Show Appearance Info:

Jim Bouchard was a guest on our June 16th, 2009 show “Think Like a Black Belt: Building Power in your Personal and Professional Life.”

Personal Bio:

I first started to promote Dynamic Components of Personal Power in 2006.  When asked what I do I usually responded with a short “elevator speech” about personal power and talked about how I could help people unlock their fullest potential to develop greater happiness and productivity in business and personal life blah, blah, blah, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

The usual reply was, “Ya, but aren’t you the karate guy?”

Sometimes we gain victory by avoiding the fight!  So, OK, I’m the “Karate Guy.”  The fact is that most of what I’m teaching to people in business and in the general public comes from what I’ve learned in my life as a martial artist.  I translated these “Components” for building power for personal & professional life so everyone could learn how to “Think Like a Black Belt” whether you’re a martial artist or not.

Latest Book:

Black Belt Book-Get Yours Now

Dynamic Components of Personal Power can change your life as it has mine! I can share the concepts with you; you must prepare yourself to do the work! If you want a short-cut to personal success, there are others who will make that promise and if you’re lucky, I suppose deliver on that promise.

From my experience I can say that self-improvement is hard work and it takes a long time. In fact, for myself I hope this work is never done! You only stand on the mountaintop for a moment; it’s the journey that provides all the best memories!

Note: move your cursor over the book jacket to order Dynamic Components of Personal Power.

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