Your Saturday Smile: Sparky’s Revenge (How To Build Your Own Wildlife Preserve)

Indulge me this morning and take a journey back in time with me. It is the mid-sixties and my father (who works at a local meat packing plant) is a wise man who knows how to manage his money, providing for his family of six living in a two-bedroom bungalow. A selfless man, he would … Continue reading

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The Lords of Discipline: A Journey of Self Discovery and Shared Experiences

Will is an outsider and finds life as a first-year cadet in training at the Institute to be physically and emotionally brutal. But he finds solace in three boys who become his great friends: Tradd St. Croix, an “old Charlestonian” (from a very rich and respected family); Dante “Pig” Pignetti; and Mark Santoro, two brawny, Northern … Continue reading

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