Is Social Media the Bastion of Bots (and Arlington Hewes)?

I had recently asked the question “Is Social Media to Obama What Television Was to Kennedy?”

Through the wonders of syndication, feed links and APIs the post has found its way into many different venues.

The most recent being the “Media Revolution” group on LinkedIn.

Started by Ellen Brandt, Ph.D., who I have often referred to as the Baby Boomer Agitator, she is a hard centrist with an acerbic undercurrent that she can back-up with experience, expertise and intelligence. She is not everyone’s cup of tea but, not everyone loves me – despite what my mother used to say.

What I found interesting about her response to the above question was its sheer fervor relative to what she intimates is the facade of reality in most social networks, and in particular Twitter.

Against this backdrop I will now share her response to the original question, and my subsequent musings. After reading this post, please feel free – actually I would really like to see your response if for no other reason than to prove that we are not living in a Matrix-type world.

Ellen’s Reply to my question:


Twitter is still a mess!

I would wager 99.9999999999999999999 percent of those Twitter followers were actually script bots run by political PR firms. Well – OK, probably some horrid Trump network minions mixed in.

By Ellen Brandt, Ph.D. Media Entrepreneur

My humble response:

Ellen’s comment conjures up images from a movie starring James Colborn titled The President’s Analyst. Specifically the closing scene in which the actor Pat Harrington Jr. sits at a desk within the control center of the phone company.  He is Arlington Hewes, and he is the President of “The Phone Company.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The camera then scans to his shoes and coming out of the heel is a cable making the suggestion that besides controlling the world, the phone company was run by robots (re bots).

The camera then scans back to provide a panoramic view of a seemingly endless number of desks with men dressed in the same suits all presumably being connected through the cable from their heels.

Last time I checked, I did not have such a cable coming from the heel of my shoe. But perhaps I will start checking everyone elses shoes now.

By Jon W. Hansen Host at PI Window on Business Show

Looking forward to your comments . . . because we are not bots . . . right?

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