Today’s Broadcast “Me lookin at you and you looking at me: Staging Social Network Advertising” Engaging and Thought Provoking

September’s line-up of shows has been incredible covering a range of interesting and timely topics from the Buy American Policy’s impact on domestic and international economies to “heard it here first” news stories and bestselling authors Libby Gill and Shel Israel discussing their new books.

It is probably a safe assumption that we had a little of something for everyone.

October even promises more of the same as we welcome Maine’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Jacobson, and leading US public sector expert, author, speaker and consultant Judy Bradt to discuss the impact of Canada receiving a Buy American exemption.

I will also be talking with the Herb Kelleher of the social networking world Mac Cassity, whose Perfect Networker community is turning heads with innovative collaborative tools and creative “Charter Membership” (ownership) options.  Based on my initial observations, the Perfect Networker model of community-oriented ambassadors, rivals the impassioned enthusiasm of Kelleher’s Southwest Airlines workforce.

Against this backdrop of interesting and engaging individuals and story lines, today’s show regarding the differences between traditional media such as newspapers and the emerging social media world, delivered an incredibly insightful and powerful message in terms the future of these paradoxical mediums.

Unexpected . . . certainly not given guest David Cushman’s level of expertise regarding the subject matter.  What was surprising is the level of interaction within the confines of the show’s on-line chat room which even had one listener post a note asking me to take callers earlier in the show.

While there have been segments in which I have had 19 or 20 people in the live chat room at the same time, the activity was noticeably brisk during today’s segment.  It was also considerably more active than it was during the 90-Minute Buy American Special that featured a brief interview with Canada’s Trade Minister.  Perhaps Dave should run for public office.

All kidding aside, this of course delivers a very important message . . . which is one that was emphasized in today’s PI Window on Business Poll that asked the question “Is Traditional Print Media Dead?”  The following comment from one respondent in particular stood out:

“Quality content will always rule the roost regardless of the medium of delivery. So don’t expect to see The Wall Street Journal fade from view any time in the near future. Unfortunately for many newspapers across the country, daily, trade and otherwise, they have lost touch with the interests of their readers.”

As the former gatekeepers who in the past determined what news we received, and when we received it, newspapers as well as other mediums have found it difficult to make the transition to what Cushman referred to as “communities of purpose.”

As a writer, blogger, talk show host and soon to be TV show host I constantly ask myself the question “am I part of, and connecting with the communities of purpose.”

Have a listen to today’s broadcast through the On-Demand Player below.  I can assure you that it will be a well-spent 45 minutes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Remember to check out David’s SlideShare presentation as well as his book.

SlideShare Presentation (Why Traditional Ad Models will not work in social networks):

Book (The Power of the Network):

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