The Perfect Networker and the Southwest Effect

Like you, I receive many invitations to join what seems like an endless number of social networks.

Despite the various networks to which I can claim membership, the three primary communities to which I belong are Ecademy, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Based on the age demographics – Facebook is geared to the twenty-something crowd, while LinkedIn appeals to business professionals in their thirties, and  Ecademy, which I often refer to as the network that best represents the “social” elements of social networking, appeals to the forty and older age group  – I am able to gain a generational perspective of the rapidly evolving social media landscape.  I would be remiss if I did not tell you that for the BTR Guest Resource Group, which is an invitation only forum for guests and hosts of the Blog Talk Radio Network, I utilize the Inquisix reputation network.

Given the above, one would think that I have the proverbial networking bases covered, so when I received an invitation from Julia Hull to check out the Perfect Networker community I am still hard pressed to provide a reason as to why I immediately accepted her invitation.  But check it out I did.

What I discovered was a surprising and eclectic community of members whose fervent enthusiasm for their network is reminiscent of Herb Kelleher’s Southwest Airlines.

Driven by a passion to “contribute to your success one connection at a time,” the members, who also have the option to acquire a stake in the network through a reasonably priced Charter Membership program, make you feel like a weary traveler returning home to the loving bosom of a caring and extended family.

In today’s show I welcome one of the network’s founders Mac Cassity, to share the vision behind this oasis of selfless interaction.

One final note, Southwest is the largest airline in the world by number of passengers carried per year.  Perhaps Cassity and his fellow Perfect Networkers are on to something . . .

You can access the live broadcast of my interview with Mac Cassity through the On-Demand Player below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mac Cassity The Perfect Networker

Mac Cassity, Co-Founder The Perfect Networker

About Mac Cassity:

Mac Cassity has been actively involved in the sales industry since the age of 15 when he sold his first insurance policy.  He has managed his father’s insurance agency for more than 10 years, and is now owner of several businesses as well, including part ownership of Perfect Networker, and several online internet marketing ventures including a thriving writing service,

Mac is also very heavily involved in the world of networking, mostly in an offline capacity. He is currently Chair-Elect of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Network, is a two-time winner of the Chamber’s membership drive, and also chairs the Chamber’s Membership committee. Mac has authored several eBooks about networking and has done consulting and training work for several large networking organizations as well.

Mac also co-founded Columbia 2.0, and organization dedicated to spreading the message about the proposed redevelopment of Columbia, Maryland by General Growth Properties into an arts and social epicenter of Maryland and the word. This effort garnered major press and PR in Maryland and across the country as well.


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