Why Advertising is Failing on the Internet: The Recchia Perspetive

There is an old saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which for the most part has a degree of validity. I am a writer so I still have my loyalty to the written word. That said after my fast-paced, high energy interview with Blog Talk Radio’s Director of Programming Philip Recchia, … Continue reading

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Social Media and the The Power of Publicity

There were many tremendous insights provided in today’s broadcast in which national radio show host, author and Public Relations Genius Marsha Friedman shared the “Three Step Method to Increasing Your Profile and Exploding Your Business” from her new book “Celebritize Yourself.” One piece of advice that Marsha gave in terms of helping people to Stand … Continue reading

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Good to Great’s Jim Collins on Social Media: “It Doesn’t Change Leadership Fundamentals”

As both a talk show host and author, I have very much enjoyed my interaction with many of Social Media’s thought leaders both through the various blogs that I write and of course the PI Window on Business Show. I have particularly enjoyed my discussions with author and Ecademy co-founder Penny Power who I believe … Continue reading

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