You Unstuck: Self-Empowerment versus Self-Help!

Everyone gets stuck; it’s part of the human condition.  Maybe you’re stuck in your career, finances, health, or relationships; or maybe life dealt you a blow like a layoff or divorce.   So, what are you going to do about it?

This of course is how I opened our August 18th segment with Libby Gill, when I had the privilege of talking with her about her exciting and insightful new book “You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk Taking at Work and in Life.”

With Libby’s book being officially released tomorrow in major bookstores across the country, she has taken time out of her 25 hour a day, 8 day a week schedule to once again join me to talk about “You Unstuck.”  But this time we are going to delve deeper into the specifics of why we get stuck, and what we will need to do to take or re-take the helm of our lives with a renewed lens of understanding, and a greater sense of sustained purpose.

In essence what we are talking about with “You Unstuck” is self-empowerment versus self-help, and a proactively energized attitude of what we can do versus acquiescing to the self-defeating “but look what has been done to us” mindset.

Be sure to join me for what promises to be a thought provoking, action inducing 60 minutes.

Libby Gill

Libby Gill

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Go to Amazon on September 24th and buy Libby’s book “You Unstuck”, and she’ll give you some amazing, high-quality free bonuses including:

  • Every single person who buys a book on 9/24 will receive three months free membership in Libby’s Accountability Club. That’s her monthly group call where she features conversations with cutting-edge experts in the field of life change, followed by a one-hour group coaching session – personally led by Libby.  You’ll realize your vision of success, one Monthly Milestone at a time.  This is a $75.00 value.
  • Anyone who buys 25 or more copies of You Unstuck will receive a free one-hour coaching/consulting session.  The phone session, which can be used by an individual or group, is a $500 value.
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Dr. Phil has said that “Libby Gill is one of those people that get’s it.”  Having talked with Libby extensively, and interviewing her for the second time on the September 23rd Pi Window on Business segment “You Unstuck: Self-Empowerment versus Self-Help” I can say with certainty that she does get it!

You Unstuck is the natural and needed outcome of her insight, expertise and intuitive understanding of the collective human experience.

Tune in to my interview with Libby on September 23rd through the On-Demand Player below:

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