Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practioners Talk About Applied Storytelling

Imagine an international conversation about many applications of storytelling.  That’s what this book aspires to. Applied storytelling covers a wide range of disciplines, such as organizational storytelling, storytelling for marketing and branding, storytelling for job search and career advancement personal storytelling/lifewriting/memoir writing, digital/video storytelling, and more.  Representatives of those storytelling genres and more speak their … Continue reading

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WHO IS TO PAY FOR BROADCASTING AND HOW? A Contest Opened by RADIO BROADCAST in which a prize of $500 is offered (Part 1 of 2)

“A workable plan which shall take into account the problems in present radio broadcasting and propose a practical solution.  How, for example, are the restrictions now imposed by the music copyright law to be adjusted to the peculiar conditions of broadcasting? How is the complex radio patent situation to be unsnarled so that broadcasting may … Continue reading

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