The secrets to moving ahead in the business world? (On-Demand Broadcast)

Personal branding and brand audit, adaptation instead of assimilation, conversational marketing and host behavior are just a few of the key areas we touched on today in my interview with author and leadership training expert Roz Usheroff. Distilling more than 20 exceptional years of experience into “Customize Your Career,” you will gain through this interview … Continue reading

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Monetizing Twitter is Like the Cat Stevens’ Song About Getting a Date for Your Sister on Saturday Night

Another fella told me, He had a sister who looked just fine Instead of bein’ my deliverance She had a strange resemblance To a cat named Frankenstein. lyrics from the song “Another Saturday Night” from the album “Cat Stevens Greatest Hits” June 1975 With the issue of identifying sustainable revenue models within the social media … Continue reading

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Is The Canadian Government Bartering Away The Domestic SME Market?

Trade Minister Stockwell Day to be a guest on the September 28th PI Window on Business Show Over the past couple of days I have had a number of exchanges with Minister Day’s office, and based on the last e-mail I received the Minister will in fact join myself and a distinguished guest panel on-air … Continue reading

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