The Actual Value of Motivation & Engagement in the Workplace

“The Power of the Wolf is the Pack, and the Power of the Pack is the Wolf.”

I thank Rudyard Kipling for this expression; I freely paraphrase this sentiment from “The Jungle Book.”

Employee motivation is on one level a very complex process.  The most effective organization is one which provides opportunity for each individual in the organization to satisfy his or her personal quest for success and happiness.  The problem is that while the organization or Pack can provide resources and opportunities for individual success, the fact remains that ultimately all motivation is internal and the process of creating personal success is the responsibility of each individual.  Even the definitions of
success and happiness are unique to each individual; the Pack can provide the resources and the opportunity, but each of us must define and create our own personal vision of success and happiness.

What is the role of the company when it comes to employee motivation and what is the role of each individual employee?  The focus of my life’s work is on the development of the individual, so I’m going to concentrate on the personal responsibility of the wolf in creating his or her own success. However, since we’re pack animals by nature, let’s look at the opportunity the organization has in providing resources to cultivate and support individual success.  The organization that understands the value of supporting individual success for its members is inevitably more productive, agile and profitable.

from The Actual Value of Motivation & Engagement in the Workplace paper by Jim Bouchard, author of Dynamic Components of Personal Power

Jim Bouchard was my guest on the June 16th PI Window on Business Segment “Think Like a Black Belt: Building Power in Your Personal and Professional Life.

It was a great segment, and the fact that my wife has not yet returned the book Jim was kind enough to provide in advance of the show (she is on her third reading), I was glad to have an opportunity to read this paper first.

Even though the current economic climate is showing signs of improvement, the effects of the recession has left people with a general feeling of being powerless in terms of making a positive impact on their work environment.  This is why the above excerpt of the first two paragraphs caught my attention.  It is also why I am pleased to make the paper available to you in its entirety through the Interactive Reader below.

While it may not provide all the needed answers, Jim’s efforts at explaining the complexity and dynamics of workplace relationships including the importance of proactive engagement resonates in our emerging social media-centric world.

Interactive Reader

Use the On-Demand Player below to access the June 16th interview with Jim.  Also take a few moments to check out his Author Profile Page in the Book Resource Section of this Blog.

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