On-Demand Broadcast of “Intersecting Ideals: Why GM’s Supply Chain is in a State of Ruin” Now Available

In what was a fast-paced, insightful discussion with industry expert Bill Michels, we get to the heart of the issues behind the precipitous collapse of the GM domestic supply chain – and the North American auto industry in general.

Several of the key points that were discussed include the fact that margin sustainability from the vendor perspective should be an important element of any supply chain strategy, while the value of looking at a supply chain as a source of direct profitability is highly questionable as it can and usually does lead to the establishment of erroneous metrics.

In an irony that was not lost on the listening audience was the fact that international or foreign manufacturers actually utilize the very North American-based suppliers that domestic manufacturers have eschewed in pursuit of low cost country sourcing strategies.

All-in-all, what the Michels interview accomplishes is shining a much needed light on the myths and misconceptions that have long plagued the supply chain strategies of not only the automotive industry but most every industry in general.

Use the following On-Demand Player to access the interview in its entirety:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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