August 4th Segment’s Guest Panel Examines a Woman’s View of Professional and Personal Balance

The old axiom that “Men Are From Mars,” and “Women Are From Venus” has become a sustaining metaphor for the supposed differences between the sexes.  While there are differences to be certain, the collective vision for achieving a total life “equilibrium” is a shared one.  But what is balance between one’s personal and business life?

With the recent decline in the economy coupled with the advent of social networking, the explosion in the number of home-based businesses further blurs the lines between what were once two very distinct worlds, and the roles of men, women and families in general.

Joining me on August 4th to both define the meaning of balance, as well as how one would go about achieving it within the framework of a collective interest are a panel of women whose views, insights and experiences will shed some much needed light on a subject that is increasing in importance in what is becoming a very complex and demanding world.

My guests include coach and author Susie Heath whose book “The Essence of Womanhood” shows that while masculinised in both business and personal relationships women can still re-awaken their authentic feminine qualities. Susie is based out of the United Kingdom.

Also joining us is the CEO of Spice For Life, an organization whose mission is “connecting women with purpose,” Michelle Korevaar.  Michelle is based out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Rounding out this global perspective is speaker and motivator Denai Vaughn, who is also known as the Networking Queen.  Based out of the United States, Denai helps men & women around the world who seek to grow their business and minimize their bottom line.

Segment Link: A Woman’s View: Achieving Harmony in Your Personal and Business Life

Meet Our Guest Panel:

Susie Heath Coach and Author

Susie Heath, Coach and Author

Susie Heath is an energetic, professional, self-motivated, confident, creative and inspiring teacher, lecturer, corporate behavioral and cognitive psychotherapist, Corporate, Executive and Personal coach and workshop facilitator, with significant experience in motivating and implementing change successfully.

She has a wide range of skills, both traditional and innovative, particularly in the field of emotional intelligence, mind-technology and health, with well-developed communication and interpersonal skills and a commitment to excellence in all that she does.

Susie is the author of the critically acclaimed book “The Essence of Womanhood: Re-Awakening the Authentic Feminine.”

Michelle Korevaar CEO Spice4Life

Michelle Korevaar, CEO Spice4Life

According to Michelle, it is the marketing in her blood that drives her to achieve the goal of marketing in its true sense; to fulfill a need.  As a woman Michelle understands the needs of a female consumer and in leaving the corporate industry behind, she decided to pursue her passion in marketing to this lucrative target audience.

Her previous training in PR, marketing, business practice, advertising, sales and human dynamics has assisted her in achieving her goals, and those of the individuals with whom she has connected.

Here is the link to Michelle’s uniquely engaging Spice4Life web site.

Denai Vaughn, The Networking Queen

Denai Vaughn Networking Queen

Denai’s skills and talents are capitalized upon each and every day by men and women around the world who seek to grow their business and minimize their bottom line.

She is a woman who prides herself in connecting through others with WHO they need to know WHEN they need to know them.  Through strategic alliances and synergistic partnerships she continues to network with some of America’s most loved and most amazing people, companies, and organizations.  Many of whom are impacting nations!

To learn more about Denai’s seminars and conferences visit The Networking Queen website.

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