Syndicated PI Ping (We Interrupt This Broadcast) The Scheduled Segment for the July 28th Show Has Been Changed

We interrupt this broadcast:  Our scheduled interview with Libby Gill has been  postponed to enable us to respond to the growing controversy between LinkedIn and it Power Connectors.

LinkedIn’s policies seems to be a topic that is gaining considerable traction in social media circles for a variety of reasons including what the network’s Power Connectors are referring to as the unreasonable imposition of arbitrary contact limits

While I do not dispute LinkedIn’s rights to set guidelines and rules for their network, the absence of providing a reason for their decisions is problematic.  Especially since a clear response would remove the discussion from the realms of speculation.

Clarification of intention would also help new and developing members to decide if LinkedIn is in fact the platform upon which they would want to build their social media presence.

My concern of course is not frequently discussed 30,000 contact limit which to  the majority of users is an infinitely unachievable number so why worry, but that the apparent lack of communicative clarity has the potential odor of a bait and switch.  Specifically make access initially easy and once you are in you are stuck.  A factor that is even more troubling if you have built a considerable network.

For example, what if your conversational relationship efforts lead to steady flow of business and LinkedIn decides that the $24.95 per month no longer supports their business model?  Are we then left with a silver or lead proposition?  A question by the way, that we need to ask of all social networks, because we are ultimately going to get to a point of non-reversible dependence.  (Editor’s Note: perhaps this is why it pays to build a presence on multiple networks.)

Joining me to discuss the implications of this and other social networking questions is author and social media maven Neal Schaffer, whose first book “Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn” is scheduled for release in August, 2009.

Segment Link for “The Gathering Storm: How LinkedIn Policy Might Be Alienating It’s Power Connectors.”  (Note: If you have an opinion, we invite you to call in at 347-326-9234.)

Neal Schaffer Author and Social Networking Maven

Neal Schaffer Author and Social Networking Maven

About Neal Schaffer:

Neal Schaffer is helping all generations embrace and leverage Social Media through Windmill Networking, a concept he will introduce in his first book “Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn” (August 2009).

He enjoys speaking as well as consulting with both corporations and individuals on their social media strategies as well as branding.  Neal is passionate about blogging about LinkedIn and social networking, which he does regularly at

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