PI Syndicated Ping: Shel Israel, Author of “Twitterville” On-Demand Interview Available

Shel Israel, acclaimed author of the new book “Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods” on-demand interview now featured on Blog Talk Radio segment titled; We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Welcome to Twitterville and the New Business Paradigm!.

Twitterville Book Cover

In an April 18th, 2009 article that appeared in the National Post titled “Should you Twitter Your Business: Understanding the Psychology of Twitter,” it is suggested that while there is “no question that Twitter has become the next big thing in Internet Social Networking,” some feel that it is just a vehicle to kill time, filling any moment with useless drivel.  But does it serve a deeper purpose?

In this on-demand version of our insightful and highly entertaining interview, Shel Israel discusses the unique elements of this game-changing phenomenon providing a clear outline as to why “Companies no longer have the option of ignoring the conversation.”

Despite the importance of Social Media, a recent report indicated that the number of employers who block employee access to Twitter and Facebook during working hours has tripled since the economic downturn began.

Is this “smart” business?

I would like to invite you to take our Poll which asks you to cast your vote on whether “Employers should have the right to restrict access to social networks.”

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