PI Syndicated Ping: 21st Century Leadership Survey

Of the many topics that were covered in the 21st Century Leadership segments (June 30th & July 2nd) the one involving what I had termed as a leader’s “shelf life” led to a very interesting discussion.  For example, Henry Ford was obviously a leader of his time whose contribution to the world continues to be significant.  However in many current day articles and books, such as Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries book Unstable at the Top, Ford’s leadership style was described as “frightening” by today’s standards.

This raises the question, would Henry Ford have risen to a leadership position in the present world, or was he indeed a man of (and limited to) his time – specifically is his effectiveness limited to being the right man, in the right place, at the right time (which was the early 1900s)?

What do you think? Do Leaders have a “shelf life?” Take our brief survey and tell us; http://ping.fm/tr0J2

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