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What Would George Orwell Say About LinkedIn?

I read an article today indicating that LinkedIn was going to suspend the accounts of members who contacted people that they did not know.

As the pundit put (and I am paraphrasing), “if I go to a Chamber of Commerce Event the organizers do not tell me that I can only talk to the people I know. I go to those events to meet new people! I consider LinkedIn in the same way I do a Chamber of Commerce . . . you want to meet people.”

I am inclined to agree with his assessment. LinkedIn is not a VPN or a private Metaprise (re hub). It is a venue that is by its very nature social and therefore implies an openness. In short, they need to leave their Orwellian inclinations at the door and let the members self-govern.

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Link to Poll: Arbitrary Limits on Contacts

2 Responses to “Syndicated PI Ping”
  1. Sean Nelson says:


    Thanks for the reference to my article “Is Your LinkedIn Account About to be Suspended”. Just to clarify, LinkedIn is not directly suspending the accounts of those who connect to others they don’t know. Rather they let the membership determine this based on how many invitations a person sends out are marked “I Don’t Know this Person”.

    There are many people who choose the IDK option because they are not aware of the ramifications and truly do not know the person that sent the invitation. There are also some who do it because they are offended that someone they do not know would try to join “their” network.

    I think the choice should be removed or at a minimum have a double confirmation process where they let the person know the effects of choosing IDK.

    Warm Regards,

    Sean Nelson

  2. Thank you for the clarification and feedback Sean.

    We are planning a special segment on this very topic and I am wondering if you might be inclined to share your views with our listening audience as a member of our guest panel?


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