Social Enterprise During an Economic Downturn

In a May 15th, 2008 Non-Profit Times article titled “Good and Bad: Sustaining Profits During Economic Downturns,” George L. Head stated “as economic downturns reduce household incomes and lower investors’ and consumers’ confidence in the economy, non-profits face especially troubling times.”

Head went on to say that being “squeezed between rising demands and falling resources, non-profits become unusually vulnerable to two major classes of surprising, unexpected events; the threat of unanticipated losses, and the second being unexpected opportunities for gain.”

His reasoning behind these conclusions is that during a period of economic downturn a “non-profits financial and human resources are especially low.”  Specifically Head asserts is the absence of a cushion with which to “absorb the anticipated losses,” or “dig for extra funds, or spare people to grasp any golden rings of growth opportunity that may suddenly appear.”

These are the paradoxical conflicts within today’s social enterprise!

Joining me to unwrap the enigma which is the modern social enterprise is Enterprising Non-Profits‘ Program Manager David LePage, and the media savvy Mark Buzan from Action Strategies, whose successes in elevating social enterprise brand awareness has included coverage for clients on Fox Morning News, Bloomberg Business Newswire, the Atlantic Business Journal, Macleans Magazine, CTV and the Toronto Star.

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David Miller’s Speech at ENP

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