“Emerging Giants: The New Titans of the SaaS World” (Guest Profile, Leonora Valvo – etouches)

As part of our June 25th segment “Emerging Giants; The New Titans of the SaaS World,” we will be featuring senior executives from five of these future “Titans,” highlighting why their organizations are unique, capable and well positioned to reverse the trend of failed initiatives associated with the traditional licensing model vendors.

Joining me on June 25th to discuss their take on this changing of the guard are Anurag Dixit, Vice President, Marketing (Zycus), Steve Wargalla, Vice President, Foundation & Managing Director (QStrat), Rob Bernshteyn, Chief Executive Officer (Coupa), Leonora Valvo, Chief Executive Officer (etouches) and Rich Becks, Senior Vice President (E2open).

Today we feature Leonora Valvo from (etouches)

Leonora Valvo knows how to make things happen.  As a life-long entrepreneur, she has launched four successful companies in the travel and conference industries.

In 2005, recognizing the need for a comprehensive meeting and event solution and finding available tools expensive and lacking flexibility and vision, Leonora began development of etouches, a SaaS Strategic Meetings Management Solution.  Initially focused on event registration and housing management, etouches is a fully integrated set of tools which addresses all aspects of the event life cycle while providing global visibility of the organization’s event and meeting portfolio.  An award winner at EIBTM, Connecticut Innovators and Trade Show Executive Innovation 2009, etouches has emerged as a leader in the strategic meetings management software space touting customers such as Volkswagen Audi Group, Diversified Business Communications, Dell, Adobe, Red Hat, Financial Times, Google and PhoCusWright.

Leonora Valvo etouches

Leonora Valvo etouches

Here is the link to today’s Procurement Insights profile article on esources titled “Enhancing Social Capital Through Personal Interaction: The Possibilities are Endless with etouches.”


NOTE: This is the first in our “Titans” series of broadcasts.

PI Window on Business Special “21st Century Leadership: An Evolutionary Profile

A recent “Trend Watchers” article from the Canadian Management Center (an AMA affiliate) proclaimed that “the major building blocks of management science have been shattered over the last decade.”  The article went on to state that, “Traditional models are not bad – they just don’t work anymore.  Every model we learned about business has been challenged.  The proposed replacement models cannot be validated.  Therefore every model is suspect.”

Citing that “These foundation blocks include leadership theories, concepts, and applications,” the article concluded that the leadership principles that were referenced at the turn of the 20th Century will not work when applied directly to 21st Century conditions.  So what does the 21st Century business leader look like?  What attributes will he or she have to possess to navigate the complicated waters of a globalized marketplace?

Joining me to shed some light on this very relevant and highly important question is critically acclaimed author Bill McAneny, whose book “Frankenstein’s Manager: Leadership’s Missing Links” is a seminal work in providing executives with an understanding of the obstacles to becoming a successful leader.  We are also happy to welcome best-selling author Dr. Gabriela Cora, MD, FAPA, MBA, whose book “Leading Under Pressure,” has made her a regular guest and key resource for CNN, FOX, NBC, Lifetime television, the New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week.  Also joining us will be Merydith Willoughby whose latest book (Sex in the Boardroom) provides a systems approach to leadership development.  Finally, we welcome Forrest Breyfogle III whose 4-book series on the Integrated Enterprise Excellence System (IEE: Beyond Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard) enables and empowers executives to take a holistic view of their enterprise, and better prepares them for the challenges of the 21st Century business world.

Be sure to check out the 21st Century Governance Principles Group on LinkedIn to provide your comments on this as well as the other critical issues that are reshaping executive leadership.

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