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According to recent studies, two-thirds of all outsourcing programs fail to achieve the expected results.  In fact some studies even suggest that this estimate is low putting the number as high as 90 percent.  And this is not a new phenomenon.

Referencing a 1995 Gartner Group survey only 37 percent of the clients interviewed expressed the opinion that their outsourced IT arrangements were successful in achieving the stated objectives.

Moving ahead to a more recent past, a May 2007 Finance Week article titled “10 Notable Outsourcing Failures” would tend to suggest that little progress has been made with a strategy that appears to be long on promise but short on results.

This leads to a number of questions the most important of which is simply this . . . is outsourcing a viable strategy?  And if it is, why the dismal track record and, how can an organization ultimately make it work?

Joining me for a Special PI Window on Business segment on June 24th is AMR Research’s Phil Fersht.

An acknowledged industry analyst and advisor with a global perspective across Outsourcing and IT services, Phil is also a real-world practitioner having served as an advisor on over 100 major outsourcing and shared services engagements.

Referencing Phil’s June 10th post in AMR’s Think Global blog titled “Supply Management BPO on the verge of overheating,” and a related piece in his personal Horses for Sources blog titled “Supply Management BPO – short-term body shopping trumps business transformation,” we will attempt to deconstruct the critical elements that have led to the consistent disconnect between client expectations and actual program results.

Phil Fersht, AMR Research

Phil Fersht, AMR Research

Segment Link: Sources for Horses and Other Outsourcing Insights

June 30th PI Window on Special Business Special to Examine Leadership in the 21st Century

Be sure to mark Tuesday, June 30th on your calendars as I will be joined by a guest panel of four internationally acclaimed/bestselling authors who have appeared on major networks such as CNN and Fox to discuss (and even debate) the attributes that the 21st Century business leader will need to possess to navigate the complex and challenging waters of the emerging global marketplace.

The experts to which I am referring are Bill McAneny (Frankenstein’s Manager: Leadership’s Missing Links), Dr. Gabriela Cora (Leading Under Pressure), Merydith Willoughby whose latest book Sex in the Boardroom provides a system approach to leadership development, and Forrest Breyfogle III (IEE: Beyond Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard).  It is a show you will not want to miss!

Segment Link: 21st Century Leadership: An Evolutionary Profile

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