Think Like a Black Belt: Buliding Power in Your Personal and Professional Life (June 16th Show)

In business it is not uncommon to use sports or athletics as a metaphor to motivate a corporate “team” to overcome obstacles to achieve eventual success.

Who after all hasn’t felt a shiver when Rudy was hoisted on the shoulders of his Notre Dame football teammates, or raised our collective fists in the air when, after defeating the heavily favored Apollo Creed, Rocky called out “Adrian” in a Street Car Named Desire fashion, or even quietly choked back a lump in our throats when Jim Braddock defeated Max Baer to win it all, after losing it all in Cinderella Man?!

Each of these examples and countless others have left an indelible, lasting imprint on our hearts and minds.

These are enduring memories!

And this last point is the focus of our June 16th broadcast, when I welcome “America’s Powervator” Jim Bouchard to discuss his own personal journey of self-discovery leading to a renewed self-worth and ultimately success as a top Speaker, Coach and Author.

Episode link to “Think Like A Black Belt: Building Power in your Personal and Professional Life.”

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